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EcoFlow Delta Pro

EcoFlow Delta Pro

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Introducing the world's first portable home battery with an expandable ecosystem for home backup, smart energy management, lower energy costs and more. The EcoFlow DELTA Pro is the next step in portable power technology, providing you with power security and independence wherever you are.

Technische Details

- Capacity: 3600 Wh
- Auxiliary battery: Supports up to two DELTA Pro smart auxiliary batteries/smart generator.
- AC output: 4 sockets, 230 V/16 A, 3,600 W total (peak 7,200 W)
Max. device power supported by X-Boost: 4500 W
- USB-A output: 2 outlets, 5 V, 2.4 A, max. 12 W per outlet
- USB-A fast charging: 2 ports, 5 V, 2.4 A/9 V, 2 A/12 V, 1.5 A, max. 18 W per port
- USB-C output: 2 ports, 5/9/12/15/20 V, 5 A, max. 100 W per port
- Car power outlet: 12.6 V, 10 A, max. 126 W
- DC5521 output: 2 connections, 12.6 V, 3 A, max. 38 W per connection
- Anderson connection: 12.6 V, 30 A
- AC charge input: Max. 2,900 W, 230 V~12.5 A
- Solar charging input: Max. 1,600 W, 11-150 V, 15 A
- Car charging input: Supports 12/24 V battery, 8 A
- Battery chemical composition: LFP
- Lifetime: 6500 cycles up to 50% capacity, 3500 cycles up to 80% capacity
- Connectivity: WLAN, Bluetooth, wired

EAN: 4897082665335

Abmessungen & Gewicht

635mm x 284mm x 420mm (L x W x H)
Weight: 45kg


1. DELTA Pro
2. AC charging cable
3. car charging cable
4. cable DC5521 to DC5525
5. handle cover
6. user manual

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Portable charging station for home
DELTA Pro offers a capacity of 3.6 kWh, which can be expanded up to 25 kWh. The icing on the cake? You can connect it to your power grid right at home via the Smart Home Panel. Ideal power supply for your home.

Charge just about anything with it
DELTA Pro sets the tone in the industry when it comes to AC power. With 3600 W, you can power energy-intensive appliances like dryers, AC units and more. Need even more power? Use two units with Smart Home Panel to get an extra-high 7200 W of power.

An expandable system
DELTA Pro is more than just a portable power station. It can be expanded with spare batteries, smart generators and even the Smart Home Panel. Control everything with the DELTA Pro Remote Control or from your mobile devices with the EcoFlow App.

Portable power stations with the world's shortest charging time.
DELTA Pro can be charged in six different ways. It is the first power station that can be charged via an electric vehicle charging station and can achieve a 6500W charge using Multicharge. This is the gold standard in the industry.

DELTA Pro is the world's first portable home battery with an expandable ecosystem for home backup, smart energy management, lower energy bills and more. EcoFlow DELTA Pro is the next step in portable power technology, providing power security and independence wherever you are.

Expandable capacity.
Powers just about anything (3600W-7200W output)
Fastest charging in the world (MultiCharge 6500W)
Home Integration

Power for every situation
From a short power supply to extreme power outages that last for days, DELTA Pro delivers a capacity of up to 25 kWh. So you're ready for any situation.

Multiple AC outlets
A single DELTA Pro appliance provides 3600 W of AC output power, which can be expanded up to 4500 W with X-Boost technology. Power 99.99% of all devices at home, outdoors or at work. You can even pair two units together to reach 7200 W with Smart Home Panel.

The fastest charging portable charging station in the world.
MultiCharge delivers record-breaking speeds at 6500 W. To reach 6500 W, you can choose these charging methods.

Fully charged in 1.9 hours
EcoFlow's X-Stream charging technology is not only fast, but also safe. The battery management system ensures safety and longevity while you fully charge DELTA Pro in 1.9 hours* from a standard AC outlet.

Charge at thousands of EV stations worldwide.
For the first time with a portable charging station, you can charge EcoFlow DELTA Pro at thousands of EV stations worldwide. With this unique charging method, you can quickly charge up to 3000W on the go.

Renewable with 1600 W solar charging
EcoFlow's solar product suite gives you a cost-effective renewable energy source to stay powered. Use solar power to charge DELTA Pro in as little as 2.8-5.6 hours. DELTA Pro has a wide voltage range of 11-150V, making it compatible with 90% of third-party solar panels with MC4 connectors. And when the weather gets unpredictable, the intelligent Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) automatically adjusts to maximize your solar generation at any time of day.

Get backup power with the EcoFlow Smart Generator.
The EcoFlow Smart Generator serves as an emergency option that integrates with the DELTA Pro ecosystem. It automatically starts when DELTA Pro reaches a low charge level, recharges DELTA Pro, and stops by itself once DELTA Pro is fully charged. Compared to a traditional gas generator, the EcoFlow Smart Generator delivers less energy loss, faster charging and higher efficiency.

A battery that lasts for years
DELTA Pro features a brand new 6500 cycle LFP battery, which means you can use DELTA Pro for years before your unit reaches 50% capacity. EcoFlow's battery management system provides real-time analysis and control of voltage, current and temperature. This unique protection mechanism makes DELTA Pro an incredibly safe and efficient home battery.

Multiple options for control and monitoring
Control DELTA Pro either on the unit itself, with the remote control, or run a variety of apps through the EcoFlow app. Through the app, you can access your power settings such as charge and discharge levels, AC charge speeds, smart generator control and more.

The world's first portable home battery ecosystem.
DELTA Pro's expandable ecosystem gives you power during power outages, customizable energy 24/7, and lower utility bills. How is all of this achieved? With a choice of additional batteries, smart generators, solar trackers, wind turbines, a smart home panel and more. From backup power to reducing your dependence on the grid with green alternatives, the DELTA Pro ecosystem can be customized to meet your needs.

Introducing the EcoFlow Smart Home Panel.
The new EcoFlow Smart Home Panel is the centerpiece of the DELTA Pro home battery ecosystem. It integrates up to two DELTA Pro units with 10 home circuits. Each DELTA Pro can be connected to additional batteries, solar panels or smart generators, giving you uninterrupted power during power outages, smart energy management for your critical loads and lower energy bills.

Uninterruptible Home Backup
With a fast 20 ms switchover time, you can power DELTA Pro and the smart home panel during a power outage. Meanwhile, the EcoFlow app keeps you informed and lets you select and change your device priorities.

Intelligent energy management
The EcoFlow DELTA Pro ecosystem stores energy day and night, reducing your dependence on the grid and lowering your energy costs by reducing time of use. It integrates directly into your home via the EcoFlow Smart Home Panel. The EcoFlow app gives you a smart breakdown of your energy habits and you can adjust your energy usage to suit any situation.

Mobile home living made easy
DELTA Pro lets you take it with you wherever you go. It has wheels and a suitcase-like extendable handle that makes it easy to transport. And if you're looking for a complete power solution for RV road trips and outdoor adventures, DELTA Pro comes with solar panels and a dedicated 30 amp Anderson connection and AC outlet.

DELTA Pro was awarded the Red Dot Award in the category Product Design 2022. This is one of the largest design competitions worldwide and has established itself internationally as one of the most coveted seals of quality for good design. It also received the IF Design Award - an award that has been organized from Germany since 1953 and has also established itself as one of the most coveted seals of quality for good design, as well as the ,,Deutschland Favorit" seal of approval.